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Best Holidays for Kids

When it comes to taking the kids away on holiday there are lots of decisions to make, whether to stay in the UK, fly abroad or camp and drive? Every family is different; there are time restraints, budgets and many other things to consider: these choices can only be made by you. As a single mum of 2 I’ve tried many options, all come with their challenges but to date, I can say so far, I’ve not had a bad holiday.

If I was taking the kids away in the spring, I’d possibly consider Euro Disney, which might not be so restful but would certainly entertain the kids. Late spring camping would be an option and I would I look for somewhere that has an indoor pool, so the kids can still swim if the weather turns or I’d consider a seaside resort and look to get them wetsuits.

Summer months, sun, sea and sand have to be the way forward for me. Somewhere where the kids will be constantly entertained by the hotel staff or the leisure facilities and pools. I’d make sure to pack your uv sun protection wear to ensure the kids don’t burn and plenty of pool toys.

In Autumn, the weather cools down so places in the UK which have lodges and activities are ideal or a mini city break. Kids don’t always have to be riding a bike or swimming. Cultural breaks can be just as fun and educational.

Winter is the time to try skiing or snowboarding, most resorts cater for all kids ages and abilities. Keep them warm in winter by layering them with Eskeez base layers ideal for snow and in the water.

The world is your Oyster, regardless of your budget, mode of travel and destination. The key to a good family holiday is making sure the kids are entertained, protected from the sun and kept warm in the water & snow.

POSTED BY Becci Wilkinson
23 April 2018