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When Can My Baby Start Swimming?

You’ll experience many ‘firsts’ with your baby that’ll go on to become some of your most treasured memories. Swimming is a hugely enjoyable activity. Here, we discuss how soon you can take your baby swimming and what you need to consider ahead of that first trip to the pool.

You can take your baby swimming from any age. While many parents think they should wait until their newborn has had their first immunisation, the NHS advises this isn’t the case. Mums, however, may want to check with their GP that they are good to go. We also welcome and encourage dads to get involved in swimming and those first few weeks are an ideal opportunity.

Your baby and the water: what to consider
Newborns are extremely at home in water – they spent nine months in the warm, protective amniotic fluid of the womb after all. That means that being in a swimming pool isn’t an altogether unfamiliar experience for babies and parents should soak up their little one’s first time in the pool. It’s a fantastic bonding experience with so much pleasure to be drawn from it as baby splashes, kicks and enjoys watery surroundings.

If your baby is less than six months old and you’re heading to the pool, try to find one that’s heated to 30-32°C as babies prefer warmer water. If it’s your tiny tot’s first time, don’t expect to be in the water for too long. Your teacher may recommend a shorter lesson or may demonstrate some bonding swims that can help your baby settle.

Make sure your baby is wearing the right clothing. A baby wetsuit will ensure baby is kept warm and comfortable while in the water thanks to its insulating neoprene material. And don’t forget that all-important swim nappy to protect from any accidents in the water.
Lastly, once the lesson has finished wait till you are in the changing rooms to get undressed then wrap baby in a warm towel.

A wonderful experience
You’ll know when the best time of day is to take your little one swimming. If they’re under three months, you may not have a routine in place but it’s generally best to avoid nap times and feeding times. Swimming with your baby is one of life’s most rewarding moments – you’ll get as much enjoyment out of it as they will. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your baby, build their confidence in the water and make lovely memories.

Thinking of introducing your baby to the water? Find out about our baby swimming lessons, which your little swimmer can join from birth.


POSTED BY Rachel Buck
30 May 2018