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Like any working mum I am up early, I’d like to say getting the kids out of bed but sadly my kids don’t lie in, its 100mph from 6.30am every day. Negotiating with a 4 year old what she wants to wear and trying to get the 10 year old off his iPad to eat his breakfast. Can’t wait til 9am when I am child free and heading to the pool!

When I arrive at the pool I have the usual checks to do, is it clean, what the temperature of the pool and air is, are the changing rooms ready, getting my floats and toys out for the lessons ahead having already planned for which week it is and the activities that I want to cover. My first lessons are advanced swimmers, they tend to be quite a lively group and are at the stage now where they are almost breathing by themselves, I love these lessons as it shows all their hard work is paying off. The following lessons range from late intermediate to first intermediate, a lot of the skills they are doing are similar but with progression. These lessons can be tough some weeks if I have any children who are experiencing water wobbles and a lot of the time I need to think on my feet and adjust swims and how I interact with my swimmers appropriately.

I’m 2 hours in to my lessons now and for me that time has flown by, I love to see all my swimmers most of which I have known since they were 8 weeks old, it’s a wonderful feeling to hear them call my name. Over the years I’ve had family pets, cars, dolls named after me, it’s such an honour.

Here come my last swimmers of the day, preliminary 1 my new starters of this term, some are still only a matter of weeks old and are already showing signs that they know what to expect. These lessons are at a much slower pace, less swims and all about mum and baby bonding together in the water and slowly introducing swims.

At the end of my lessons I need to tidy away, mop round the poolside, make sure the changing rooms are clean and mark off my registers who came, any notes I need to make or calls I need to do at the office, as that’s where I’m heading next.

Home time – brace myself! Pick your battles wisely and hopefully we might make it to bed time in one piece. Not before the usual bath time though – just what a swim teacher wants to do after several hours in water. Bath time at our house usually involves my 4 year old pretending to be mummy and teaching her doll to kick in the “pool” and swim and hold on, at least I’m doing something right.

9pm – Peace and quiet. Wonder how long for?………

POSTED BY Becci Wilkinson
30 November 2017