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What to expect at a 2+ Class

My name is Karen and I have been teaching 2+ classes for over 10 years. I see the same issues arise time and time again.

You and your child are here to have fun, we want you to really enjoy the journey of learning to swim. If you are preparing for your first real session in the pool then be aware of a few points.

Firstly, your teacher is there to help you, she is not a miracle worker (although at times it does seem like it!). Secondly, it takes time, and a mammoth amount of patience. And I mean mammoth! (I put mammoth as opposed to huge as I think it may sound a tad bigger). Thirdly, smile….all the time in the pool, it helps, honestly.

If your little one is relatively new to a public pool it can be overwhelming and there may well be tears. There’s the smell of chlorine, the noise, the crowds and just the newness of it all. At Swimbabes, we understand as teachers, and as parents, it can be frustrating when your child refuses to even get in. And sometimes it’s tricky to get your head around the fact your child won’t even dip a toe in, all the while the fun carries on without her. BUT go with the flow, take your time, stay calm. Maybe, sit on the side and watch for the first lesson. Dragging them in kicking and screaming is stressful and trust me your child will be genuinely fearful.

Just remember, as parents we try our best, and no-one is judging you. Your aim is to help your child HAVE FUN and develop real water confidence. To find out more about our baby swimming lessons, click here or give us a call on 01484 683570.


POSTED BY Kerry Pilmer
21 December 2017