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What to expect at a 2+ Splashers Class

Starting your child’s swimming Journey when they are a little older can sometimes be a little trickier, but at Swimbabes we are here to help you every step of the way.

By the age of 2 some children may have already built up a fear of water, and therefore it is important that they are introduced to the water slowly, gently and most importantly in an environment where they feel safe and secure, as well as having lots of fun.

Our 2+ splashers programme is designed for children aged between 18 months and 4 yrs who are just starting out on their swimming journey. Over the course of the programme the swimmers will learn a variety of water safety skills including: learning to climb in and out of the pool unaided, float on their back whilst remaining relaxed (a star float is an important lifesaving skill to learn), holding on at the poolside, lots of kicking both on their front and back, as well as being introduced to the various swimming strokes and of course jumping in which soon becomes a favourite with our swimmers.

All of these new skills are delivered within activities that are both fun and engaging, and will encourage your child to feel not only more relaxed in the pool but it will help them increase their water confidence.

Your first session will allow your child to get to know the pool environment, all the new sights and smells of the pool area, as well as getting to know their teacher and the other swimmers in the class. There will also be a member of staff onsite to welcome you to the venue and show you where to go.


POSTED BY Kerry Pilmer
21 December 2017