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Splash About’s New Happy Nappy & Toddler Jammers

Baby swimming really took off 14 years ago, which called for the need of the Happy Nappy, like with every good product changes need to be made. Previously the Happy Nappy was made from 2 pieces of neoprene and ribs around the legs and waist but Splash About have noticed that no matter how well the nappy fits they can still gape at the spine when babies arch or stretch which has resulted in occasional leaks. For some parents that choose to combine the Happy Nappy with a disposable swim nappies underneath we find that these often protrude out of the back of the Happy Nappy which again can result in leaks.

So, what’s new?

Splash About have designed a new improved Happy Nappy which will make the rib around the waist longer covering over the spine curve therefore preventing the disposable nappy peeping over the top, the fit around the legs and waist will have increased elasticity and the gusset will fit completely between the legs and prevent the nappy moving front, back or sideways. To help the nappy move as the child does Splash About have also made the back panel (bottom) a two piece, maximising movement. New improved double stitching will give this nappy the greatest protection against leaks.

This new design was rolled May 2017 with seasonal updates for designs to keep them looking fresh and current too.

Alongside the Happy Nappy Splash About are introducing Jammers. Using similar qualities to the new Happy Nappy the Jammers are perfect for those toddlers who doesn’t want to wear a “nappy” slight difference will be that the fit around the leg will be silicone sealed around the thighs.

POSTED BY George Molloy
24 May 2017