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What To Pack In Your Baby’s Swim Bag?

Swimming is a key skill for life, so why not start as young as possible to get a head start? It’s not only a valuable ability to grasp early, but also a fun way to bond with your children and meet other like-minded parents.

What to Wear?

Splash About Happy Nappy

We do insist on all children wearing Splash About Happy Nappies as they stop any unpleasant surprises getting in the water and will protect you, your baby and other pool users. Splash About have an extremely good range of swimming costumes and nappies in all different colours and patterns.


If you’re worried that your child will get chilly in the water, a wetsuit will keep them toasty. Splash About offer an exciting range of wetsuits suitable for your little one. Babies get colder quicker in the pool in comparison to adults, as they’re not swimming properly like we do. A wetsuit will keep the shivers away and ensure your baby has a good time in the water. For more information about which wetsuit to get your little nipper, look here.

Other Things to Bring

Towels ensure that you and your baby are warm when getting out of the water, and will help you get dry as quickly as possible. Hooded towels are ideal for babies, as they keep their head warm and provide a source of entertainment! Wrap your baby up in a towel as soon as you leave the pool so that they can dry off and chill out whilst you sort yourself out.

Fresh Clothes

A change of outfit is essential when taking your baby swimming. Bringing warm clothes is advisable as it will help to keep your baby cosy and snug after their new swimming experience. A hat could also be useful to bring, as babies lose a lot of heat through their heads.


After all that swimming, your baby will have worked up an appetite! Therefore, bringing some snacks for them after their lesson is a practical thought if they are on solid foods. If not, afterwards you could find a quiet corner to breast or bottle feed your child.

Adult Swimwear

Don’t forget Mummy or Daddy’s swimming clothes or you won’t be able to experience some of these first magical minutes in the pool with your baby. Goggles could also be beneficial so you can join your little star underwater, meaning you won’t have to miss a moment.

Don’t forget to have fun! We look forward to seeing your and your Swimbabe soon.

POSTED BY Becci Wilkinson
6 January 2017