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Best Baby Swim Nappy

Which nappy to choose when you start swimming with your baby can be a tricky decision. You want your baby to feel comfortable and confident in the water, have the flexibility to move easily, and of course, you want to make sure you choose something that will contain any embarrassing leaks.

We recommend that Swimbabes babies wear a Happy Nappy. The name really couldn’t be better; who doesn’t want a happy baby? Happy Nappies are supple and stretchy, making them easy to get on and off. The super soft, snug-fitting deep bands of fabric that go around the waist and legs make them a brilliant choice for swimming. It’s a system that’ s guaranteed to keep bodily functions contained and babies lovely and comfortable whilst in the water.

Happy Nappies are made of neoprene and come in a wide range of colours and patterns. They can be bought in versions which just covers the nappy area, a costume perfect for pretty little girls, or in a wetsuit version – making them not only great at containing poo, but perfect for your little one whatever the temperature of the pool(s) they swim in. Furthermore, Happy Nappies come in a range of sizes from birth to two years, so you can be guaranteed the perfect fit.

Happy Nappies aren’t just great for babies; they’re popular with parents too thanks to them being amazingly easy to wash, quick to dry and simple to use. There are no fiddle ties, no clingy Velcro and no cutting elastic, making getting your baby changed a breeze.

We also recommend using a liner underneath, for your convenience in case an accident does occur. The under nappy is a nappy of your choice – cloth or disposable, the decision is yours. Whatever works for your baby, and whatever you want against their skin. The dual nappy system makes it easy to carry on swimming if an accident occurs, as it means you can remove the liner (to wash later) and rejoin in the Happy Nappy.

So, next time you set off swimming, remember we want you to be happy and we want your little one to be happy. So grab a Happy Nappy and an under nappy, and head along to your Swimbabes session. We can’t wait to see you there!

POSTED BY Becci Wilkinson
5 August 2016