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What Will Keep My Baby Warm In The Pool?

Babies are not able to regulate their own body temperature so if you are swimming in a colder pool than is recommended (30°C) you need to invest in a product that is made out of neoprene and fits snugly otherwise it won’t do its job right. A neoprene wetsuit works by trapping a layer of water next to the skin, which is kept warm and thereby keeps the swimmer warmer.

Many people think that as long as the baby is covered that it will keep the baby warm, not true. In fact, a common mistake is that people put their young child in a Lycra all in one “sun” suit, which in fact will make the child colder. There are many products on the market now that will fit babies from birth and keep them warmer in water. Some have full coverage of the legs and arms, others just cover the torso but this will still keep them warm in most pools. Remember even if you are travelling abroad and the sun is shining, it doesn’t mean to say the pool is warm. Often pools are not heated so can be a lot colder than indoor pools here and a wetsuit is essential for little swimmers. All wetsuits also offer sun protection which is great when swimming outdoors but don’t forget a swimhat to protect the head!

Remember neoprene wetsuits are not machine washable just rinse, dry and reuse!

POSTED BY George Molloy
24 March 2017