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Our top swimming tips…. from first to last lesson!

Here at swimbabes most of our teachers have joined the team after attending lessons with their own little swimmers.

Between us we have an abundance of top tips, so whether you are preparing for your first lesson or seeking tips for you advanced little swimmer this blog is sure to give a helping hand.

New starter tips

  • Introduce fun in water at home in the bath, use songs and fun toys to develop water confidence
  • Plan your first lesson around your baby’s routine – no baby likes to swim tired or hungry.
  • First and foremost RELAX – baby swimming is an excellent way to spend time and bond with your baby so relax, take it easy, and don’t rush. If you are getting a bit flustered then so will baby, just take your time and enjoy the experience.
  • Remember that every baby is different and they may take a few weeks to settle down and enjoy a full lesson.

Toddler tips

  • Expect that your toddler might have an ‘off lesson’ a common age for these ‘off lessons’ is around the age of 12-24 months. At this age the child’s development is rapid they are learning to walk, talk and are becoming more independent. This is often referred to as water wobbles – you can read the full blog here
  • Listen to the teachers advice – as you and your toddler are now regular little swimmers it’s easy to think you know best (which you probably do about your child) however your teacher will be full trained and knows little tricks to get the best from your swimmer.
  • Try and maintain a routine when you go to the pool with you child, this helps them to feel settled and feel happier to try new things.

Pre-school tips

  • Now your little one can “swim” they will be drawn to the water. Do be aware of the inherent dangers and even for the most confident little swimmer always be vigilant.
  • If you are confident in the water do a swim and dive with your child. This gives the child the chance to feel how you move through the water – and it’s a great fun for you both.
  • Still expect the odd ‘off lesson’ – let’s face it we all have ‘off days’ and children are no different.