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Our Story

In 2003 Laura & George Molloy set up Swimbabes, a company dedicated to teaching babies to swim. It was a decision they made after the birth of her first son Joshua.

When Joshua arrived in December, doctors diagnosed him with a serious congenital heart defect. After ten long days in hospital Joshua was well enough to go home. Much to the delight of Laura and her family, Joshua continued to do well and after five weeks was able to take part in a swimming class for babies.

Laura had pre-booked the swimming course before Joshua’s arrival and knew the benefits of learning to swim at a young age. Every Monday Laura and Joshua would make a long trip to Manchester to go swimming, but the benefits were clear to see and Laura was thrilled with how Joshua took to it. She says:“Joshua had a brilliant time at his swimming lessons. He enjoyed being in the water and it was a very rewarding time for the both of us.” Laura loved the swimming lessons so much that she decided to train as a baby swim instructor.

Laura went back to work but no longer had the passion for what she did. 2003 brought about change. Laura was expecting baby number two Eve, who arrived a week after Joshua underwent major heart surgery. Thankfully Joshua made a full and speedy recovery but it had changed Laura’s priorities. She realised she needed to take a new direction. When Eve was two and a half months old, Laura set up Swimbabes at a hydro pool in Huddersfield.

Laura states: “Giving up a job that I had done for years was scary but I knew I needed to make big changes in my life. After having Joshua I felt like I changed overnight. I wanted to be there for him all of the time and do all that I could to help him. Swimming had been so rewarding for Joshua but it was something that I had relished too. I decided to challenge myself and set up my own business, and I am so glad I did”.

Now, Swimbabes offers swimming lessons right across the North of England and help teach 1,700 babies learn to swim each week.