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Work with Swimbabes

Do you have a swimming pool to rent?

We are always in search of new pools across Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lancashire. If you own a pool and are interested in us running our classes at your venue, please give us a call and we can let you know how we can help you to set up baby swim classes at your venue. We already work in partnership with several pools around Yorkshire.

Or If you know of any suitable pools please contact us or call us on 01484 683570.

Would you like to work for Swimbabes?

We are currently on the lookout for new recruits, if you are interested in joining the team, please read the training information below and send us your CV, we will then be in touch.

Our in-house training is very specific to our swim programme and can usually be completed within a 10-week term. We generally recommend that all trainees have completed 70 training sessions working alongside a qualified teacher and gradually taking over sessions and then being assessed. The training is free of change but you do need to be able to commit to attending 2 sessions each week to ensure continuity for our customers. Often we will try to train people on days when they are likely to start running classes so this creates the least disruption for customers, although this is not always possible. Once you have completed your training and have started teaching, if you leave the company within one year you will be expected to pay back £500 for the training sessions.

We currently have 12 part time teachers and a key consideration would be your employment at the end of the training period. This current role is based across West and South Yorkshire. The starting teacher rate for new teachers is £18 per hour, you will also get paid travel time and mileage where applicable.

To give an example of how things can evolve, our latest recruits, Emma and Sarah who were successful in joining our training programme in 2021, trained over summer term and have gradually been building up their working hours to between 10 – 15 per week each.

A few things to consider before you start really are when you want to teach, days / times you can commit to on a weekly basis. How long you would want to commit to training and what income you would expect / need from teaching. The training is a big commitment and often the hardest part, we would encourage you to talk to other teachers about their experience to give you a better indication if it is for you.

Before starting your in-house training you would need to enrol on either STA Teaching Award or ASA Teacher course which is relatively inexpensive and allows you to get a feel for what it will be like as a teacher. You do need these base qualifications to get your personal insurance which is essential for you personally and we need them for our company insurance. We recommend this course is completed within your first-year teaching with us. You are also required to hold a pool rescue qualification NRASTC or equivalent, these are arranged in house and we will support you to arrange this.

We hope this is helpful, if you are interested, please email rachel@swimbabes.co.uk with your CV and to request an application form.