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The first baby swim lesson – what to wear and what to bring

For your first term your baby swim kit is included with everything your little swimmer needs along with their course booklet, this will be delivered to the pool for your first lesson. In addition to this please bring swimwear and a towel for you & a towel for baby. You may also want to bring an additional feed or snack for the baby after the lesson, as they may be hungrier after burning all that energy!

All babies and toddlers attending our course must always wear a Happy Nappy, designed specifically for baby swimming programmes such as ours.

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What can I do prior to our lesson?

Before you come on our baby swimming course and particularly during the first term we would recommend that your practice basic splash and floating exercises at home in the bath. You are welcome to take your baby to the local pool in between lessons, however be aware that the pools may be colder than Swimbabes’ venues so not to keep them in the water for more than 30 minutes and perhaps invest in a baby wetsuit, which can be purchased via the Swimbabes online shop.

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How much do baby swimming lessons cost?

Classes cost between £11 and £13.50 across our venues and are generally booked in 10 week terms.

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What age can my baby start swimming?

Swimbabes enrols babies from the age of 4 weeks & ideally before 18 months, depending on when you feel comfortable bringing your baby swimming. Most venues however do have waiting lists so it is best to register as early as possible.

Your baby does not need to have had their immunisations prior to swimming and it is NOT a precursor to a baby joining a swimming class. For further advice, please visit www.nhs.uk

It is not vital for a parent/carer to be able to swim as all our lessons are in shallow pools where an adult can easily stand or walk.

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How do I join Swimbabes?

You can register your interest online or by emailing office@swimbabes.co.uk. You will then get more information about the specific venue and term you are interested in.

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When should I feed my baby prior to swimming?

For breastfed babies it is usually fine to give a small feed up to half an hour before a session. We do not recommend a full bottle feed or solids in the hour before a session. Please note that your baby may need an extra feed AFTER a lesson as they have burned up lots of energy during the swimming session.

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What if my baby cries?

All babies cry for various reasons; tired, hungry, teething etc. Your teacher is experienced and can talk you through any problems and adjust your programme accordingly – it may be that you just need a change in class time to better suit your baby’s routine.

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How do I advise you on any medical conditions?

Upon making a booking you will be required to complete a registration form. This will ask you to agree to our standard terms and conditions of booking and also require you to provide medical information and emergency contact details. If your baby does have a medical condition please do check with your doctor before booking.

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How will my baby progress during lessons?

The journey to good swimming takes a lot of practice and patience. Every child will achieve the goals in their own time and should not be rushed or forced into activities they are not ready for. The course is not competitive and our teachers believe that the child’s confidence is only developed through allowing them to develop at their own pace, maintaining their enjoyment throughout the programme.

Our Swimbabes baby swimming lessons have 4 levels, and you can read more about them here.

Our Swimstars course follows important parts of the STA course, and you can find out more about these here.

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The Swimbabes philosophy and who teaches

Our philosophy is to ensure safety and water confidence in the water, encouraging parents to fully utilise the benefits and enjoyment that they can have swimming with their children – whether at classes, on holiday or trips to the pool.

Our teachers are STA or ASA trained and our in-house training covers birthlight techniques, which have a strong emphasis on the overall wellbeing of baby and parent with links to baby massage and yoga. Your teacher has been specially trained to teach these classes. All of our teachers have current pool lifesaving certificates and hold the National Pool Lifeguard qualification.

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