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What to expect at your baby’s first swimming lesson

Whether it’s you can’t decide if to book or you have booked and you’re wondering what’s next hopefully this blog will answer all you need to know.

Prior to booking your first lesson you will be emailed a full confirmation that gives you all the practical information you need like directions, venue access and booking forms.

10 things to expect at your first lesson (these will vary from venue to venue)

  1. Wear easy clothes and shoes – before you leave for your first lesson make life easy and wear clothes that are going to be easy to get on and off (and for your baby too) all shoes need to be removed before entering the changing areas so keep this in mind too (I have seen flip-flops in winter many times)
  2. It’s going to be busy – there may be up to 8 new swimmers in your new class so that means up to 8 new parents and their babies, all trying to find where to go and what to do when they get there. The key is to arrive only 10-15 minutes before the start of your class, this way there will be someone there to show you where to go and by this time the class before should have left the changing rooms making room for you.
  3. Wait to be shown – there will generally be a swimbabes member of staff at the venue to show you where to go, please wait for them to tell you before entering the changing areas (they usually nip in and give it a quick clean before you go in) you will also be given your baby’s new starter pack which includes a happy nappy, a liner (or in some cases a huggies swim nappy) a course booklet and a swimbabes kit bag.
  4. Once in the changing rooms PLEASE CHANGE YOUR BABY ON THE FLOOR, this is the safest way, please do stick to this rule as over the years we have seen accidents with babies rolling and falling off benches.
  5. The swimbabes member of staff will come in and check that your happy nappy is fitting correctly or swap for a different size if need be. The happy nappy needs to be snug around the legs and waist to keep any little accidents from spilling into the pool.
  6. Once on poolside you will pass your baby to the instructor who will be in the pool so you can get in safely
  7. The teacher will then welcome you to the programme and run through some heath and safety points for that pool.
  8. In your first lesson you will be shown a number of activities that you will repeat throughout the programme, no underwater swim until week 2 (how exciting)
  9. At the end of the lesson the instructor will have a quick recap with the class and ask if anyone has any questions
  10. Getting dry! – This can be tricky as most babies will cry after their lesson, wrap your baby up in a towel, get yourself dry first then baby. This way you aren’t dripping on your baby’s dry clothes.

POSTED BY Rachel Buck
14 November 2017